Exploring Beyond The Surface


Our Purpose – is the reason we do what we do. Think of our purpose as our call to adventure, where we are the explorers in everything we do. We are critical thinkers who explore beyond the surface of our people, our clients’ technical challenges, our geographies, and our company. We are explorers who can make a difference, and our purpose inspires us to think, feel, and act upon our core beliefs as a company.

What’s special about our Strategic Plan 2023? In a nutshell, YOU. Hear employee perspectives on the collaboration, refinement, and great employee input that led to our Purpose, Values, and Vision – and set the stage for Terracon’s bright future.

For Lori Cathcart, our purpose reminds her why she got into environmental engineering in the first place. Listen to her story of a time she and her team explored a situation more deeply to make a critical project decision.

For Rebecca and her GeoConcepts colleagues, joining Terracon as an acquisition meant lots of change. In this video, Rebecca shares her story of how great leadership and authentic conversations helped them find their footing and identify new opportunities to grow their careers.

Our Purpose isn’t just about the work we do – it’s about the people we work with. Tony Jaeger describes how looking beyond the surface helped him connect with a colleague who needed support during a difficult time.