How do you measure prosperity? For Maroun Moussallem, it’s through the stories of employees who have built successful long-term careers at Terracon – and people whose time and investment in the company has provided financial security for the future.

“Wow, Terracon does all that?!” When Bill Brickey thinks about prosperity, it’s about what our prosperity as a company helps us contribute to our communities through the Terracon Foundation – and set a high standard for giving that we can all be proud of.

Opportunity and ownership. That’s what prosperity means to Tim Anderson. Hear the story of his Terracon journey, and the opportunities for growth and development that have made the difference in his career, and for his family.

For Trevor Tickner, prosperity means personal success and company success. Trevor shares his thoughts about employee-ownership, and how working together builds not only financial prosperity, but a meaningful career.

Robyn Sargent’s time working for other companies kept leading her back to Terracon – and gave her a strong appreciation for the opportunities she has found here to build a prosperous career and grow professionally and personally.


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