Do people notice integrity? Hear Abigayle share why she believes integrity is the value at the heart of all Terracon’s values, what it means to her, and how it can be “contagious” in a great organization.
Maintaining your integrity in a tough situation is the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Chris Schram recalls a project team meeting where standing by the truth caused friction with a contractor but earned the client’s respect – and kept the project on track.
Mike Hagemeister came to Terracon 25 years ago after an experience with another employer left him with a “jaded” view of integrity in corporate settings. Learn how his outlook has changed, and what he believes is the true measure of a company’s character.
When Michaela Brewster delivered a report with information her client didn’t want to hear, she and the project team felt the pressure to compromise. Michaela shares how she and the team found a way forward to serve the client without compromising their integrity.


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