Catastrophic flooding of Baton Rouge in 2016 challenged office manager Laura Campa’s courage as a leader. Hear Laura share her candid memories of facing her fears and drawing on her strengths to support her employees and lead her office through the crisis and beyond.

Success rarely comes without risk. As a leader, it can take courage to make decisions each day knowing that others’ lives will be impacted by the outcome. Linda Yang shares her story of trusting her instincts about a new opportunity for the Chicago office.

Sheila Adams recalls a meeting with a potential national account client that didn’t go as planned – and how professionalism and integrity in a negative situation is itself an act of courage.

When Fred Buhamdan started at Terracon, he discovered he wasn’t just helping build his office Geotechnical department, he was the department. Fred shares how courage helped him lead and grow the department – and then step away to embrace a new challenge.

In our work, we sometimes end up as the “bearer of bad news” to our clients. Learn how Ricky Simon sees courage as part of good client service – and how even a challenging finding is opportunity to share a solution and build their trust.


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