You never know where curiosity will lead you. Just ask Dan Wagner, whose inquisitive outlook and keen eye yielded an amazing discovery at a Colorado project site. We’re not saying you’ll always find a dinosaur fossil by being curious … but it can’t hurt.

As a scientist, curiosity is second nature to Joe Aldern. Learn how Joe’s curiosity and questioning as a young professional led him to a career he loves – and how it’s coming full circle.

Facing a technical challenge? Step back – and let your team’s curiosity lead the way. That was Matt McElvogue’s takeaway when a Terracon team member developed an innovative equipment solution on a water treatment project and implemented it to great effect.

For Harold Cobb, curiosity is more than just a concept – it’s the key to client experience, career satisfaction, and the antidote to falling victim to an “assembly line” mentality in our daily work. Watch the video to learn more.

Curious about a new career opportunity? Raise your hand! That’s what Noosha Smith did, and what she recommends to others who want to challenge themselves at Terracon and show what they’re capable of. Hear her story.

What does curiosity mean to Nick Hussey? Hear how his passion for innovation solving a “worthy challenge” led him to learn programming so he could help make GeoReport an even better technology solution for our clients.


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