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Welcome to the Strategic Plan

The story of Terracon is the story of us. Us, as employee-owners, on a journey together, bringing our talents, our camaraderie, and our curiosity, to bravely explore and discover new and better solutions to overcome challenges.

Scroll down to explore Terracon’s Strategic Plan Purpose, Values, and Vision, and what they mean for you, your career, and our future.

A summary Strategic Plan document can be found here.

Download Summary Document Descargar Resumen del Plan Estratégico


Our Purpose – it is the reason we do what we do. It’s our call to adventure, where we are the explorers in everything we do. We are explorers who can make a difference, and our purpose inspires us to think, feel, and act upon our core beliefs as a company.

We’ve discovered throughout this process, that our belief system is unique from other companies. Caring runs deep in Terracon, relationships rule, we have courageous curiosity, and we are absolutely up for any challenge.

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Our Values – are the things that really matter to our company. They are our standards of behavior – guiding us in how we undertake our journey, so we reach our goals in a way that feels authentic and true to who we are and who we want to be.

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Our Vision – is aspirational and our future destination. It inspires us to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward in our journey together.


Every expedition relies on strong leaders with a clear strategy for success. As we apply our different skills to achieve each milestone, our company objectives coordinate our efforts, remove obstacles, and clear the path toward our goal.

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